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Blox provides pre-built planning models to help business leaders escape the tyranny of complex, clunky, and error-prone spreadsheets, giving you visibility into and confidence in the reality of your business
SaaS Financial Model
Includes 11 easy-to-complete blocks
Model the future performance of your SaaS business with a set of simple, interconnected blocks.
Workforce Planning
Includes 1 easy-to-complete block
Plan your headcount and workforce costs, plan for new hires and track your spend by department.
Marketing Planning
Includes 1 easy-to-complete block
Plan your advertising spend and key marketing ratios to estimate the number of leads for each marketing channel.
Subscription Revenue Planning
Includes 1 easy-to-complete block
Predict the growth trajectory for your Subscription based business model.
For Emily, Blox has been a game changer, she is saving about 18 hours a month and doesn't dread Planning anymore. She now finds it fun!
“What’s amazing about this new way of working is that it's all there in one place and it actually tells a story. One of our big funders was holding off agreeing to our next three years funding until we could prove that we could provide reports and plans broken down in a certain way. I reached out to Simon (at Blox) for help… The end result? We got the extra funding, and it's guaranteed for next three years!”
Emily Kenward  |  CEO  |  Time to Talk Befriending
Water filtration technology leaders Klar Water were looking to produce financial projections to satisfy HMRC
Blox helped us get our EIS application approved! HMRC wanted financial projections for the business so we were lucky to come across someone like Simon and the team at Blox, who understood what we were looking for. What we created with Blox not only met the standard that HMRC was looking for, but were extremely useful internally. Really looking forward to continuing to work with Blox!"
David Arblaster |  CEO  |  Klar Water

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Pre-built by finance experts

Curated, industry relevant models, built by industry experts, easily adapted to suit any business. Pick the best blocks from our library to compose the perfect solution for your planning problem.

Modern, user-friendly plan builder

Simple & guided user experience makes it possible for all leaders to model their business and analyse different assumptions and scenarios

Summary dashboard with clear insights

Intelligent summary output helps you easily analyse each scenario, seeing how the inputs impact the outputs for all your Key Business Indicators.

Easily share with collaboration tools

Discuss, Debate, Challenge your future plans to make sure they are robust and optimised.

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