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Supercharge your financial planning and modelling

Craft powerful financial models, automate data updates, collaborate and plan seamlessly and reclaim hundreds of lost hours spent on tedious tasks.

Become the strategic finance powerhouse your business needs with Blox and take planning to the next level.

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Trusted by 100+ companies

Powerful and flexible modelling

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Leave errors behind
Stress-free planning

Say farewell to costly errors that come with manual updates to spreadsheet-based models. Our solution minimizes the risk of inaccuracies in your financial reports, providing you with peace of mind. But don't worry - we're 'Spreadsheet Native', so you can keep the spreadsheets for reporting and adhoc analysis.

A powerful solution that works for you

A financial planning platform that speaks your language. No more cumbersome legacy enterprise software—our platform is designed to make your life easier. Our powerful and flexible modelling engine helps you model any part of the business.

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Prepare for any scenario. Scenario planning and modelling

Future-proof your FP&A with robust scenario planning. Our purpose built modelling engine allows you to swiftly duplicate, modify, and simulate scenarios, empowering you to make well-informed decisions quickly and with confidence.

All in one place

Blox is the centralized hub for all your planning data, enabling efficient decision-making, empowering every leader to model their part of the business, without the headache of hunting through emails for those rogue spreadsheets.

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FP&A for next generation teams

Whether you’re an established Enterprise, a growing SME, or a start-up just getting going we've got some good news for you.

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Blox for FP&A

Say hello to streamlined, automated FP&A processes. Become architects of financial excellence as you analyze historical data, forecast future trends, and optimize budgets with ease. Let Blox elevate your role from number cruncher to strategic influencer.

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Blox for Modelling

Blox is your trusty sidekick for modeling big decisions and the complex parts of your business. Analyze multiple scenarios with confidence, bid farewell to ambiguity, and make data-driven decisions that shape your organization's future.

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Blox for start-ups

Startup founders, fuel fundraising success with Blox. Simplify financial modeling, craft compelling narratives for investors, and focus on building your dream company without being hindered by financial complexities. Focus on what counts – building your start-up.

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Streamlined. Robust. Flexible.

“What’s amazing about this new way of working is that all the data is there in one place and it actually tells a story. One of our big funders was holding off agreeing to our next three years' funding until we could prove that we could provide reports and plans broken down in a certain way. We reached out to the Blox services team for help… The end result? We not only saved around 18 hours of work, but we got the extra funding, and it's guaranteed for the next three years!"
Emily Kenward  |  CEO  |  Time to Talk Befriending
“Blox helped us get our EIS application approved! HMRC wanted financial projections for the business so we were lucky to come across both the platform and the team at Blox, who understood what we were looking for. What we created with Blox not only met the standard that HMRC was looking for, but were extremely useful internally. Really looking forward to continuing to work with Blox!"
David Arblaster |  CEO  |  Klar Water
Rated 9.0 on Tekpon
“Blox software and expertise helped double our valuation – a remarkable result! I couldn't be happier and highly recommend their services to anyone seeking phenomenal outcomes."
James, delighted customer
“Blox makes it really simple for us as the users to go in, edit the model ourselves and see in real-time how changes to the model affect the changes to the projections. That really helps us, not just from a business planning perspective, but also to tweak the model in relation to questions from investors"
Guy Stern | CEO & Founder | Legal Connection
“Blox has been a game changer for FunnelFuel. As a B2B marketing platform, we work with a diverse range of brands and agencies; with planning and forecasting challenges throughout the year. Our finance team are saving 20+ hours per month with Blox whilst gaining a single source of truth for our numbers in our business."
Mickey Christodoulides | CFO | FunnelFuel
“We were facing challenges with accurately forecasting our resource needs and project profitability. Our processes for scoping projects and tracking time weren't scalable as we grew. We purchased Blox to provide us with a standardized template and workflow that would help us consistently quote projects, plan our resources, and get a clear view of how each project is performing against budget."
Christopher Mouflard | Chairman and CEO | Auteur Group
Insights to propel your business
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See how easy modelling can be with our marketplace of pre-built blocks.
We've taken away the complexity of building a bespoke model and sped up the planning process.

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