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Blox provides pre-built planning models to help business leaders escape clunky, and error-prone spreadsheets, giving you visibility into and confidence in the reality of your business
Sales Capacity model
Includes 6 easy-to-complete blocks
Model the Sales capacity of your current workforce using Top-down and Bottom-up approaches
Financial Model for Coaching Business
Includes 4 easy-to-complete blocks
Supercharge your coaching business with the financial model in Blox
Three statement financial model
Includes 8 easy-to-complete blocks
Create a comprehensive financial model for your business - encompassing three common outputs in financial reporting: Income statement, balance sheet and cashflow reports
Financial Model for new SaaS startups
Includes 9 easy-to-complete blocks
Launching a new SaaS startup? Model your expected user growth, revenues and costs to plan future profits and manage cashflow.
Marketing Agency utilisation model
Includes 3 easy-to-complete blocks
Model your workforce and utilisation targets to forecast future revenues and costs for your Marketing Agency
Utilisation & margin forecast for Services
Includes 3 easy-to-complete blocks
Plan the workforce costs and utilisation for your professional services business to forecast and model future revenues.
Financial Model for growth SaaS businesses
Includes 11 easy-to-complete blocks
Model the future performance of your SaaS business with a set of simple, interconnected blocks.
Workforce Planning
Includes 1 easy-to-complete block
Plan your headcount and workforce costs, plan for new hires and track your spend by department.
Marketing Planning
Includes 1 easy-to-complete block
Plan your advertising spend and key marketing ratios to estimate the number of leads for each marketing channel.
Subscription Revenue Planning
Includes 1 easy-to-complete block
Predict the growth trajectory for your Subscription based business model.

We are developing brand new templates in the lab...

Sales Forecasting for Amazon FBA
Includes 1 easy-to-complete block
Understand the drivers of your Amazon FBA business to predict future revenues and associated costs
Sales capacity modelling
Includes 1 easy-to-complete block
Understand the Total Sales expected from your team, and create a hiring plan to hit your Revenue targets
E-commerce finance model
Includes 1 easy-to-complete block
Forecast future Revenue projections for your e-commerce store, factoring in marketing growth and customer retention
Church planning model
Includes 1 easy-to-complete block
Create your annual budgets with ease by modelling future projects and understanding expected costs
Affiliates marketing model
Includes 1 easy-to-complete block
Model the costs and expected returns from marketing through affiliates

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