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See how easy modelling can be with our marketplace of pre-built blocks.
We've taken away the complexity of building a bespoke model and sped up the planning process.
Quickly forecast and analyse your world so you can be confident your decisions are awesome!

SaaS Financial Model
Includes 11 easy-to-complete blocks
Model the future performance of your SaaS business with a set of simple, interconnected blocks.
Workforce Planning
Includes 1 easy-to-complete block
Plan your headcount and workforce costs, plan for new hires and track your spend by department.
Marketing Planning
Includes 1 easy-to-complete block
Plan your advertising spend and key marketing ratios to estimate the number of leads for each marketing channel.
Subscription Revenue Planning
Includes 1 easy-to-complete block
Predict the growth trajectory for your Subscription based business model.

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