About us

We help you craft ambitious plans and achieve remarkable outcomes!

Our Mission

At Blox, we are dedicated to empowering businesses through the transformative power of strategic planning and modeling.

We believe that by planning collaboratively as visionary leaders, we can unlock the full potential of our organizations.

Our mission is to help you identify and optimize the key drivers of business performance, enabling you to craft ambitious plans and achieve remarkable outcomes.

Our Team

Simon Ritchie
Founder & CEO
Chartered accountant, Data nerd, ex-Chief Product Officer, Optimist, Team builder, 15+ Years in the Planning space.
Rob Markwell
Founding Product Manager
Engineering background, financial planning consultant, international experience. The all-rounder!
Sophie Lewis
Head of Ops & Finance
Enthusiastic & motivated, Sophie is the queen of organisation. If its easy - get a computer to do it. If it's hard - she's got this!
Michael Gammon
Head of User Experience
B2B SAAS product design expert with 20 years of creative experience including creative direction, branding, user research and UX/UI design.
Pip Ash
Marketing Associate
Pip is our creative marketing genius, content writer and social expert.

Our core values guide our journey

Brave: We encourage audacity and disruption. We dare to dream big, pursue the extraordinary, and embrace vulnerability. We believe that courage drives innovation.

Crush it: We are relentless in our pursuit of results. We believe in getting things done with unwavering determination while having a blast along the way. We don't take ourselves too seriously.

Team Oriented: We recognize that true success lies in collective achievement. We foster a supportive, inclusive, and friendly environment where personal and team success go hand in hand. Caring for one another is fundamental to our ethos.

Constructive: We bring a positive energy to every interaction. We inspire others to reach their highest potential, and we approach challenges with a "Yes, and" mentality, promoting constructive solutions.

Growth Mindset: We foster curiosity and continuous learning. We believe that everyone has the capacity to learn, teach, and grow. Coaching and being open to coaching are cornerstones of our culture.

Genuine: Authenticity is at our core. We encourage you to be your true self, to communicate openly and honestly. We build trust and strong relationships through transparency.

Together, we embark on a journey of planning, growth, and transformation, setting ambitious goals the catalyst for greatness.
Join us in reimagining the future and achieving remarkable results. At Blox, we plan for success, together.

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