About us

We're on a mission to unlock the full potential of every ambitious business leader

Our Why

Planning for the future should be fun.

Our Mission is to unlock the full potential of every ambitious business leader.

Our Vision? We believe in a world where anyone with ambition and drive can create an impact at scale regardless of background or experience.

We want to help leaders escape the tyranny of complex error-prone spreadsheets. Fundamentally, you shouldn’t need to be good with spreadsheets to succeed as a leader in business.

Our Team

Gaia Segattini
Illustration and Design
Our illustrator and World-Building designer. She makes the visual representations of our ideas and concepts come to life!
Michael Gammon
Head of User Experience
B2B SAAS product design expert with 20 years of creative experience including creative direction, branding, user research and UX/UI design.
Simon Ritchie
Founder & CEO
Chartered accountant, Data nerd, ex-Chief Product Officer, Optimist, Team builder, 15+ Years in the Planning space.
Sophie Lewis
Head of Ops & Finance
Enthusiastic & motivated, Sophie is the queen of organisation. If its easy - get a computer to do it. If it's hard - she's got this!
Pip Ash
Marketing Associate
Pip is our creative marketing genius, content writer and social expert.
Matthew Antos-Lewis
Head of Marketing
Former politico now marketeer with a decade in the B2B tech startup space. He's a data nerd that loves building teams, culture & product.
Rob Markwell
Founding Product Manager
Engineering background, financial planning consultant, international experience. The all-rounder!

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