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What are our customer saying about Blox?

In just a few short months, Blox has helped hundreds of users who between them have built thousands of financial planning models, covering use cases as diverse as Workforce Planning and Subscription Revenue, to Utilisation & Margin Forecast and Financing.

We wanted to share some of the feedback from our early users, starting with charity CEO Emily Kenward, who found herself bogged down in creating financial plans and forecasts in order to gain some essential funding,

What’s amazing about this new way of working is that all the data is there in one place and it actually tells a story. One of our big funders was holding off agreeing to our next three years' funding until we could prove that we could provide reports and plans broken down in a certain way. We reached out to the Blox services team for help… The end result? We not only saved around 18 hours of work, but we got the extra funding, and it's guaranteed for next three years!

David Arblaster, CEO of Klar Water, was looking for support with a vital EIS application. With HMRC wanting some quite complex financial projections, David and his team were able to model out a number of scenarios in detail using Blox,

Blox helped us get our EIS application approved! HMRC wanted financial projections for the business so we were lucky to come across both the platform and the team at Blox, who understood what we were looking for. What we created with Blox not only met the standard that HMRC was looking for, but were extremely useful internally. Really looking forward to continuing to work with Blox!

One of our most exciting early wins was working with a client to build financial models to support an acquisition they were going through. The client (who can't currently be named for reasons of business sensitivity), built a comprehensive set of financial projections, and was able to do on-the-spot scenario and what-if modelling for their potential acquirer. The uptick from replacing their original spreadsheet-built models was quite something,

Blox software and expertise helped double our valuation – a remarkable result! I couldn't be happier and highly recommend their services to anyone seeking phenomenal outcomes.

Mike Saunders is the Founder of VideAR, a cutting edge drone technology business. He had a lot of lovely things to say, so we'll give him the floor here,

As a start-up, we greatly appreciate any assistance we can get, especially when it comes to finding reliable tools among the numerous options available in the market. We were offered access to Blox and put simply, this software has been a game-changer for us, particularly in terms of our SaaS cost analysis. We have been able to seamlessly incorporate a cost analysis into our workflow, demonstrating a steady growth in subscribers while factoring in the churn rate. Blox has truly become an invaluable resource for us.
Blox's software has also played a crucial role in facilitating our in-depth cost analysis, encompassing all current and emerging revenue streams., enabling us to gain valuable insights into the financial aspects of our business. With Blox, we have a comprehensive understanding of our revenue streams, allowing us to make informed decisions and drive our business forward.One aspect of Blox that has particularly impressed us is the ability to collaborate in real time. Instead of sharing screens or working with clunky file sharing methods, we have been using the intuitive share link within Blox. This feature allows both my CEO and I to collaborate efficiently and effectively within the software, making our work processes smoother and more streamlined.
I highly recommend Blox to any company in need of a reliable spreadsheet replacement software. Their commitment to providing a user-friendly interface, valuable features, and exceptional customer support is truly commendable. Thank you, Blox.

Our user-friendly interface is cited again and again in our online reviews as a huge advantage to Blox over spreadsheets or some of our spreadsheet-based competitors. The speed of making changes, without the need to tear down and rebuild models as your business shifts and evolves, is mentioned as a real boon by LegalTech startup CEO Guy Stern, who utilised Blox to supercharge his fundraising efforts,

Blox makes it really simple for us as the users to go in, edit the model ourselves and see in real-time how changes to the model affect the changes to the projections. That really helps us, not just from a business planning perspective, but also to tweak the model in relation to questions from investors.

You can read more about Legal Connection's use of Blox in their case study, click here.

As a startup ourselves, we envisioned Blox being more than just a planning platform, but providing value equivalent to building out a larger financial function within the business,

We're at the stage, familiar to many startups, where we can't justify the cost of an FD, but are too big to afford to be without one. Blox is in effect our Finance Department, and allows us to plan and forecast in confidence, modelling different scenarios, without investing hours and hours of valuable time, or having to hire a specific skillset in-house.

Did you know, Blox was originally built by and for startup founders, but we are also recommended by CFOs, CPAs, business analysts, bookkeepers, office managers, and investors? Mickey Christodoulides is CFO at SaaS company FunnelFuel,

Blox has been a game changer for FunnelFuel. As a B2B marketing platform, we work with a diverse range of brands and agencies; with planning and forecasting challenges throughout the year. Our finance team are saving 20+ hours of tedious and difficult work per month with Blox whilst gaining a single source of truth for our numbers in our business.

Our strong customer-first ethos is a big draw for our clients, with a team made up of product specialists, Planning SaaS veterans, and qualified accountants,

I'm the one-man finance team at a creative recruitment agency; an awesome place to work but few share my technical vocabulary! That's why having someone who understands it is invaluable. My account manager at Blox feels like an essential part of my team; every interaction leads to hugely productive outcomes, and is something I always look forward to!

We'll give the last word to one of our very first customers, an accountancy firm for whom Blox is now an essential part of their tech stack,

Since we started using Blox within our accountancy/financial consultancy, we're saving several days saved a month across our client base. Not only is re-cutting numbers for forecasting/scenario modelling a breeze, but the intuitive dashboard UI is a really valuable presentation layer for clients who may not always be financial or spreadsheet wizards.

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