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Introducing... the SaaS Financial Planning model for Growth Businesses

For SaaS companies, financial planning can be a complex and time-consuming process. As a result, it can be difficult to accurately predict revenue growth and profitability, which can hinder business decision-making. Connected planning solutions exist, but are usually by their own admission expensive, time-consuming to integrate, and complicated to master. However, with the introduction of the Blox SaaS Financial Planning model for Growth Businesses, these challenges may be a thing of the past.

This innovative model offers a suite of financial planning tools that can help growth-stage SaaS companies better understand their financials, make data-driven decisions, and ultimately achieve their growth goals.

The Blox SaaS Financial Planning model allows users to model the future performance of their SaaS business with a set of simple, interconnected blocks. Understand how different aspects of your business have an impact on your income statement, cashflows, and key SaaS metrics. Within minutes create a custom financial plan for the business, taking into account various inputs such as recurring revenue, customer acquisition costs, churn rates, and more. The model also includes a variety of visualisations, such as charts and graphs, that can help users quickly and easily understand their financial data.

One of the standout features of the Blox SaaS Financial Planning model is its ability to generate scenario analyses. This allows users to see how changes in key variables, such as pricing or customer acquisition costs, can impact their financials. By running these scenarios, users can identify areas of their business that may require improvement, and make adjustments accordingly.

You can create a plan in 5 minutes by following the simple guided steps:

  1. Select your planning timescales
  2. Work through each block one by one, entering some simple input values
  3. View some of key analysis for each individual block through an interactive insights page, and adjust your inputs to see different scenarios
  4. View the summary blocks such as the Income Statement and Cashflow to get the high level overview of the future performance of your business
  5. Save your model and share it with others!

Faster than a spreadsheet, financial expertise built-in, easily adapted to your business, the Blox SaaS Financial Planning for Growth Businesses model can help business leaders evolve and keep an accurate and up-to-date financial model, particularly important for when you are going for fundraising, or budgeting for the year - good practice for any business!

Learn more on our model page, or click here to try it yourself for free, no credit card required!

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